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ايو نوار كريستان ديور 250 مل

ايو نوار كريستان ديور 250 مل
ايو نوار كريستان ديور 250 مل
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The Christian Dior La Colle Noire by Christian Dior for Unisex - Eau de Parfum, 250 ml is a long-lasting and exhilarating fragrance that will become your instant favorite. This is an everyday perfume that exudes calm and elegance. It is masterfully created and is infused with premium ingredients that give it a luxurious and sophisticated appeal. The perfect amalgamation of notes in this perfume gives rise to a pleasure-loving scent that will earn you compliments from everyone. This Eau De Parfum arrives in a 250ml, elegant little bottle that exudes class.Complete your ensemble and add a dash of pleasantness to your appearance with this La Colle Noire. It will give you a feeling of beauty and timelessness, making it a must-have. This perfume is intended for Unisex and is perfect to wear at any time of the year. This is a Floral & Fruity fragrance and has excellent sillage, making it ideal to use for most occasions.

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