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بارفيوم دي مارلي لوتن 125 مل

بارفيوم دي مارلي لوتن 125 مل
بارفيوم دي مارلي لوتن 125 مل
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*De Marly Leighton Unisex Perfume 125ml is one of the best perfumes that you will get, its scent takes you to another enchanting world that attracts the attention of everyone who smells its scent.

*The bottle of De Marly Leighton Perfume for Unisex has been designed in a distinctive way to suit both women's and men's tastes. This product is an oriental-floral fragrance with an exciting scent.

*Top Notes: The fragrance opens with a breeze that smells of a mixture of apples with bergamot, added to them, the smell of lavender with mandarin, to give you a long-lasting refreshing scent.

Middle notes: The fragrance consists of a mixture of violet flower with jasmine flower, and the distinctive and wonderful geranium flower is added to them.

* Base components: The fragrance ends with a breeze smelling of vanilla and cardamom, adding to them the smell of sandalwood mixed with the smell of patchouli and guaiac wood as well.

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