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بيفيرلي هيلز Beverly Hills

The Fred Hayman 273 is a refreshing floral fragrance for women. Lightly scented with a delicate flowery blend of gardenia, exotic fruits, soft amber and sandalwood, this Fred Hayman women's fragrance fills you with ultimate happiness. With an enticing scent, this Fred Hayman perfume gives you immens..
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G perfume was launched in 1999. It brought floral and fruity accords, designed by Alain Astori. The top notes consist of melon, pineapple and strongly bitter grape. Middle notes are floral, thanks to orchid and peony, slightly touched by peach and ginger. The base brings the warm notes of sandalwood..
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Giorgio is vivacious and serene as the sunbeams, decorated with yellow stripes of joy, and represented in 1981. It was created by Bob Aliano, who gave the top notes orange blossom, peach, apricot and trails of sweet and fresh bergamot. The middle notes bring ylang-ylang, seductive tuberose, gardenia..
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