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كورلوف باريس Korloff Paris

Lady Carlph gold perfumeKorloff Lady Korloff is a women's fragrance, suitable for women who represent the elegance of the modern era, its charming smell adds touches of excitement and seduction, and its aroma is fragrant and strong, gives you tenderness and softness and makes you in full of your fem..
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This woody fragrance is suitable for men and women, the fragrance was released in 2015. The fragrance sparkles with an exciting bouquet that begins with incense and grapefruit. It is followed by the heart of the fragrance with an elegant floral bouquet accompanied by sandalwood. While the fragrance ..
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inspired by the romance of Paris, presented by roses in an embrace of patchouli and delicate fruity notes. It is aimed at the woman who values quality and luxury and wants a touch of the magic that the city of light and love, Paris..
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After several matte, non-seethrough bottles, Korloff Gold shines again in new glow in a transparent flacon with Stylized K letter (logo of the brand), reminding of cheerful butterflies. They are colored in gold and decorate perfectly body of the bottle, leaving an impression of luxury and wealth of ..
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Private Black Vetiver - oriental fragrance for men, which was released in 2013 perfume brand Korloff.&This is a very brave and bright flavor that complements the charismatic image.&The holder of this perfume - a modern man with his own refined style.&He is brave, prone to adventurism, an..
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