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نعتذر الموقع مغلق لصيانة 

مونتال Montale

Ebony, Sandalwood, Vetiver, this precious wood trio combined with Incense Notes,Cardamom and Spices brings us to the Indian borders...
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A warm fragrance for Men and Women that was launched in 2016.Contains notes of patchouli, orange, musk, saffron and oud.A woody warm notes that will give you a unique scent all day.Be impossible to be forgotten with your fragrance..
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Fragrance for women and men.Shining like a star,Bergamot from Calabria lights the way to a floral heart of Bulgarian Rose and Egyptian Jasmine empowered by oriental notes of Patchouli from Sumatra,and leaves a warm sillage of Sensual White Musk and Powdery Notes...
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Roses Musk is a perfume by MontaleThe fragrance was released in 2009.Suitable for all Seasons, recommended for all OccasionsThe scent is floral-fresh.Montale Roses Musk is a beautifully feminine Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women. It opens with rose set atop a heart of jasmine, then deepens into ..
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Perfume from the famous Montale fashion house.A floral fragrance specially designed for women.It was installed by the expert Pierre Montale.The fragrance is characterized by a high aromatic stability.The beginning of the fragrance is rose.Heart notes: jasmine and osmanthus.Base notes: tonka bean and..
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Montale Pink Extasy is a floral fruity feminine perfume, launched in 2014, very refreshing, light and suitable for hot summer days! Buy it now!..
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It is a woody aromatic fragrance for both parties.It was released in 2012,Its publications still exist today.It was installed by the expert Pierre Montale.The fragrance is characterized by high aromatic quality and stability. In the composition of the aromatic top are the authentic Arabic oud, citro..
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An oriental fragrance for both sexes.It is a publication of the international fashion house (Montale).It was installed by the expert Pierre Montale.Aromatic composition of mandarin orange, rose, lily of the valley, amber and musk...
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MONTALE Chocolate Greedy EdP 100 ML..
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It is a sharp fragrance that is suitable for both sexes, although some see it as more vigorous. It is one of the fragrances of wood, floral and musk.Montale Black Aoud perfume contains a mixture of musk, rose, patchouli and oud wood with orange. The fragrance is characterized by the purest and fines..
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Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women. Aoud Queen Roses was launched in 2007.The nose behind this fragrance is Pierre Montale.The union of aoud and rose is very sensual, often appearing in the Montale compositions.Aoud Queen Rose contains the most beautiful French rose from the south of France (Gras..
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Alien Musc Mysterieux represents “an invitation to travel on a journey that highlights and enhances musk, one of the noblest ingredients in perfumery." The oriental - woody - musk composition is developed by Dominique Ropion so that it retains the signature notes of Alien, like samba jasmine and cas..
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