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CD Ambre Nuit 250 ML

CD Ambre Nuit 250 ML
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CD Ambre Nuit 250 ML
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One of the most exclusive and best-selling Christian Dior perfume blends since 2009 until now.

It is considered as one of the companions of Oud Isfahan, and it is one of the rare perfumes that received many praises and compliments from most of those who tried it and acquired it and were fascinated by its beauty, despite their different aromatic tendencies.

Dior Ambre Nuit is oriental and elegant, great shoes, and both men and women can try it out. The fragrance is built on three pillars.

That the amber is the outer envelope that surrounds it outside, where you find it in every corner of the perfume present, and harmonious with each note with a different taste and shape.

The three pillars are spice, citrus, and rose, and amber is what encapsulates them all.

A citrusy opening is strong at first and then almost palpable, blended with sweet-flavored pink pepper and surrounded by amber, topped with a spicy ambery with clear bursts of bergamot. Then the most beautiful long stages in the fragrance begin with the aroma of Turkish roses with the remnants of light spicy touches of pink pepper that dissolve little by little to make room for the long-awaited meeting between romance and beauty represented by roses and amber in a balanced sugary balsamic image.

Its difference from other amber perfumes is the unusual presence of rose in other perfumes that use spices intensely, and thus represented an important addition to the amber perfume series.

Excellent stability and fragrance, very very strong, and it is issued in the form of a concentration of Eau de Parfum. In a cylindrical bottle, like the rest of the bottles of the exclusive mix from Dior, in different sizes, it is worth having and it is worth gifting to the one you love.

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