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COURVOISIER L'edition Imperiale Pour Homme EdP 125 ML

COURVOISIER L'edition Imperiale Pour Homme EdP 125 ML
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COURVOISIER L'edition Imperiale Pour Homme EdP 125 ML
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The perfume was developed in cooperation with Kraft International Marketing Company, which has 25 years of experience of licensing and distribution and a significant success in perfume industry. The great COURVOISIER® Cognac introduced L’edition Imperiale, named after one of their top brandies. The fragrance, described as woody-oriental, was presented in October 2006 at the International Duty Free Show in Cannes. It "targets 25-35 year old males who are ambitious, determined and desire to succeed". The goal is to achieve the quality that will be in line the years of tradition in cognac production, and the wish of the company is that this bottle becomes a symbol of prestige and power. The perfume is inspired by the time of Napoleon’s reign, when people had more sense of honor, pride, and chivalry, and therefore, the fragrance is modern and yet nostalgic. The bottle was designed in France. The silver stopper is shaped in a form of Napoleon’s plume. The fragrance is comfortable, light and warm, but the most important is that it foreshadows refined enjoyment, good mood and self-confidence. The creators of the perfume tried to capture that unique feeling of overwhelming joy provided by the top-class brandy. The top notes open like wafts of mild and fresh mandarin, cardamom, winy tagette and coriander. Middle notes include Atlas cedar wood, smoked tea, royal calla lily and nostalgic violet, while the base contains exotic vetiver, fir balsam, leather nuance and warm amber.
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