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MONTALE White Aoud EdP 100 ML

MONTALE White Aoud EdP 100 ML
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MONTALE White Aoud EdP 100 ML
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A fragrance that combines the sobriety of the oud, its originality, the sharpness of saffron, the delicateness of roses and the fragrance of vanilla

The aromatic line is floral - woody - musk. Released by the house of Montale in general, the designer of this perfume is Pierre Montale.

Main specifications of the perfume: (warm spicy - oud - balsamic - amber - woody - rose)

Fragrance notes: rose, saffron, agarwood, cardamom, jasmine, patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, vanilla, amber and French labdanum

Ideal for use, the fragrance is strong and lasts for a very long time

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ConcentrationEau de Parfum

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