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VERSACE Oud Noir (M) EdP 100 ML

VERSACE Oud Noir (M) EdP 100 ML
VERSACE Oud Noir (M) EdP 100 ML
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This distinctive perfume by Versace is a distinctive oriental fragrance for men that gives you a warm scent. This fragrance enables you to remember the sunset and the intimacy of the sunset. This perfume comes in a classic black 100ml bottle. This bottle comes in a wonderful and distinctive way from other perfumes as the name of the brand comes on the neck of the bottle. The center of the bottle comes with a golden Versace stamp to add to the elegance of the bottle. This perfume is best for men with a strong and attractive personality.

Versace Pour Homme was launched in 2013. This perfume consists of an intense and royal blend of leather, oud, natural flowers and oriental spices. These ingredients give you an enchanting and beautiful scent. The oud gives you an oriental and rich aroma while the nutty oud calms and relaxes your nerves. These ingredients are blended with the scent of wood for an unparalleled scent. But the most powerful component of this perfume is the oriental spices that work with all the ingredients to get the perfect scent. This perfume is the most seductive and has a very attractive scent

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ConcentrationEau de Parfum

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